Nichelle Belue


  • Administrative Assistant



Nichelle Belue – Administrative Assistant, provides administrative support to the program, including scheduling and correspondence. She has previously held an administrative position at a local law office for over 6 years. Nichelle obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences with an emphasis in Interior Design and a certificate in Gerontology from MSU in 2001. She practiced commercial Interior Design for 6 years that included designing hospitals, medical office buildings, nursing homes, junior colleges, fire stations, hotels and historic buildings and worked for the MS Bureau of Buildings for a year as an ADA team leader assessing the interiors and exterior of buildings in South Mississippi. Nichelle has previously owned 2 businesses, a clothing boutique and yoga studio, and currently still manages her personal rental properties in Columbus, MS. Her diverse background along with professional experience and constant willingness to learn is why she enjoys helping the team assist veterans and their spouses with their small businesses.