Graduate Spotlight

Graduate Spotlight

B2B RR Graduate, Nicole Early, is a military spouse located in Texas. Nicole successfully leveraged the U.S. Small Business Administration to assist her in starting her small business. As a military spouse, Nicole enrolled and completed the Boots to Business Introduction to Entrepreneurship Course at Randolph AFB. After that she enrolled in the follow-on course, Boots to Business Revenue Readiness. During the B2B RR class she was able to develop her business model into a business plan. She took advantage of the one-on-one counseling with her instructors and met with the available subject matter experts. Following the course she connected with several U.S. SBA Resource partners including the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC), the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and SCORE. She has given back to the veteran and military spouse community by spreading awareness of the available no-cost programs provided by the U.S. SBA! The B2B RR program is proud of Nicole and all her accomplishments thus far.


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Student Testimonials

Student 1

"Revenue Readiness is a FastTrack course that takes a nebulous idea to a viable business plan. Successful military entrepreneurs provide guidance and ideas from their experience and insight. Resources with detailed industry insight are provided offering a glimpse into the current trends in a particular market. I was very impressed with how much actionable and immediately useful information I received in this course."

Student 2

"The Revenue Readiness program is a wonderful follow on course for the two-day introduction course. Being taken though the business model canvas step by step helps to develop the business idea was a great way to start the class. The business plan template was easy to navigate though and at the end of the class, you are left with a functional business plan."

Student 3

"What will I do after I leave the service is a concern every veteran has. Attending the B2B Revenue Readiness Program at MSU was truly eye opening experience on what is required to take my passion idea and turn it into a business plan. The well authored syllabus, access to resources, and genuine care of the instructors, who are themselves veteran business owners, shared their experiences and counsel to help me truly be confident in my plan to move forward with my idea. I'd recommend any entrepreneurial veteran to go through this course, even if you're just curious on what it would be like to have your own business, the rigor of the course will help answer your questions on what it takes to turn your idea into a business."

Student 4

"You always feel nervous the moment you say your idea aloud, because it tends to sound better in your head. The Boots to Business RR program helped me shape my business from an ok idea to a fully executable Business Plan that includes multiple revenue streams. The instructors take the time to learn about you and your business and the feedback they provide challenges you to go past the surface of your initial idea and explore options that you may not have even considered. I would definitely recommend this program to aspiring business owners who are ready to make the leap!"

Student 5

"Hey guys! I didn’t get a chance to really say, thank you. The best thing the class did for me was it made me talk about my business. I’m naturally introverted and I prefer to keep plans to myself and act on them without outside influence. The class made me realize that it’s absolutely the wrong way to go about opening a business. Looking back, I was under the assumption that “if I build it, they will come”. But now, the more I talk about my science bookstore, the more it takes shape and comes into focus. I appreciate you giving me my first introduction to the business world. I’ll keep in touch as my bookstore grows from a plan on paper to an actual brick and mortar store. (How crazy will that be!). Thanks again."

Student 6

"The best part of the course was the experience knowledge and diversity of all the instructors. In addition, the small classroom setting allowed the instructors more time for one on one. The instructors were very encouraging and made sure that we were not just receiving the material but understanding it and understanding how to use it properly for our business needs."

Student 7

"I liked the interaction with the instructors and students. Rather than just being presented material, I learned much more by completing my homework and receiving feedback from the instructors. The instructors were genuinely interested in listening to student's progress and provided valuable insight and advice. The elevator pitch and presentation helped me communicate my business idea and build confidence."

Student 8

"Going through the entire curriculum via video conference with experienced business owners was definitely my favorite part of the course. The well ran syllabus and ability to hear and see the instructors to provide answers to questions was great. The instructor’s ability to take multiple business ideas and help each student develop their idea was inspiring. Furthermore, the instructors providing individual counsel was very appreciative as they were able to laser focus on my questions and concerns. They provided guidance and references on what I need to do to move forward with my business plan."

Student 9

"Talking to Customers - seems so simple but I hadn't considered doing this as market research before forming a company"

Student 10

"Very well organised; Great content; Great hands on practise;  Valuable feedback!

Live Plan template was good for inserting information from the business canvas and the edit feature within it. Having access to the instructors for 1 on 1 was helpful. Listening to the instructors explain each section of the business plan with examples from their personal business plan."