Joshua Caroll


  • B2B Instructor
  • Counselor



Joshua Carroll, PhD – B2B Instructor, has over 10 years of experience teaching entrepreneurship and assisting small business owners. As a 14-year disabled veteran from the Army, Dr. Carroll has helped lead veteran students in the fields of business and marketing to start their own business or help to grow their existing business. Dr. Carroll is a former Captain Armor/Logistics officer with a wealth of experience in the fields of marketing, personal selling, advertising and finance. He has served in administrative positions both military and civilian assisting with annual budgets in excess of $22 million annually. He understands the challenges of being in the military while trying to further your education and credibility by completing both his MBA and Doctorate while serving in the military. He has owned several part-time businesses with his most success from rental properties and the accounting profession. He has personally advised multi-million dollar organizations with their accounting and marketing campaigns over his 10 years in instruction and small business. He understands the rigor of managing a family on top of starting your own business. He is happily married to his college sweetheart; Stephanie and they have 9 children together.